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THE WARNING is THE WORLDS #1 Black Sabbath EXPERIENCE!!! It is the ULTIMATE HOMAGE to the band and its History including songs and Hits from the DIO era and the solo works of OZZY OSBOURNE!!! YOU WILL EXPERIENCE the classic favorites and hidden gems of the Sacred Psalms of SABBATH!!!

  • Steve Moonfish

    STEVE MOONFISH is the latest and perhaps greatest addition to the WARNING family. This gentleman takes 'bad-ass' to new levels. Straight from a long run in the mighty DOMINUS SABBATA, possibly one of the best Sabbath Tributes of all time, and founding member of MOONFISH...Steve plays guitar, bass, drums, percussion and sings like a banshee. With Steve as the final piece of the WARNING lineup...


    We could not be more excited to have him on board!!!

  • Johnnny Rockstar

    Johnnny Rockstar  is an enigma, wrapped inside a riddle. Long time soundguy/producer/ studio-cat...Johnnny has worked with luminous folks like EDGAR WINTER, RAY MANZAREK, TAD, RANDY HANSEN, EMILLIO ESTEVEZ, MAXINE WATERS, HILLARY CLINTON, BRUCE WILLIS, JAMES CAMERON, BILL GATES, STEVE BALLMER, and quite a few others...

    He has Toured the United States and Europe more times than he can recall with bands such as ZEKE, NASHVILLE PUSSY, REO SPEEDEALER, THE DWARVES, TAD, CAMAROSMITH, and many more...Johnnny is the lone founding member left of seattle band ZOMBIE JIHAD and formed THE WARNING: A BLACK SABBATH EXPERIENCE with drummer THUMPER and Sattelite member/Bass player ROGUE after watching BROWN SABBATH at seattle Club NECTAR when he got a free ticket from BRIAN FOLEY, his fellow IATSE stagehand Brother. Johnnny has been blessed to work as a stagehand for most of his life and and has rubbed shoulders with some of the greats, Schlepping BILLY PRESTONS B-3  Hammond Organ once, and shaking the hands of members of EARTH WIND AND FIRE...and not so greats, Having defied AXYL ROSES demand that the entire crew wait in the rain, going inside anyway to go to the bathroom. He is a rebel, a loner and a wild child, but he is, in the end, a story and Musician Joke MACHINE!!!!

  • Kreg "Thumper" Oveson

    Born in Europe to American parents. Came back to America before I can remember.

    Graduated HS Roundup, Montana.

    I started beating on furniture at a very young age. I think I knew then that drumming was going to be part of my life. I would stack up my mom's couch cushions and use them for drums while playing her Beach Boys, Herman’s Hermits records and who could forget Sam the Sham. I have an older brother that introduced me to The Who, Yes, ELP, CSNY and similar bands when I was in junior high so I quickly became a more serious rock fan. I didn’t get access to a drum set until junior high. My parents set me up with a local private teacher and I started band in school.

    Came to Seattle in the early 80’s to play with an original fusion band called “MASS” and soon joined the local NW rock scene. I have played in several types of bands but I always migrate back to the hard rock.

  • Theo

    A working man's bass player, Theo has provided the low end for many Seattle area original and cover bands. As a Sabbath fan for 40 years, Theo is honored to provide the thunderous bedrock and tasty bass licks for The Warning in humble tribute to Geezer Butler.

The Moon Sirens

A dynamic Performance Group from Arlington Washington established in 2009. These strong independent women are a collaborative of business owners, mothers and professionals by day, belly dancers for life. Directed by founders Shakti Moon and Lead choreographer Shalaa, all members of the group are an integral part of creating their choreographies and costuming. It's quite likely they've made their costumes this evening. Moon Sirens have been described as vibrant engaging and Sassy, fun for audiences of all ages. They are available for group and solo performances, private lessons and offer weekly group classes. Find Moon Sirens on Facebook for more info, via this link 

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Edmonds, WA, USA


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